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Dr. Austin "Buzz" Klute


Dr. Austin “Buzz” Klute was born in Madison, WI and grew up in Cottage Grove. He received his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2019 from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He uses a variety of adjusting techniques because every patient is different and has to best fit them. The techniques he utilizes are: Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson, Extremity adjustments, Flexion/Distraction, Activator, and specializing in Graston technique/ soft tissue mobilization.

“Medicine is the study of disease and what causes man to die. Chiropractic is the study of health and what causes man to live.” -B.J. Palmer

Getting to Know Dr. Klute

Dr. Klute growing up had a very active lifestyle playing many sports and continues to do so in his free time. He loves working with all athletes in any way shape or form because he knows chiropractic care can help them perform at their peak capability (along with yoga). These sports include basketball, baseball, football, track, soccer, rugby, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and golf.

In his free time when Dr. Buzz isn’t playing sports, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, hiking, camping, fishing, and being outside as much as possible.

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